KingK NordVPN discount: cybersecurity service for an affordable price

Are you into video games? And do you like old video games that remind you of all the careless joy from childhood? Then KingK is the YouTube channel just for you! As the channel description goes, “I make comprehensive retrospectives on video games. There isn’t a whole lot else to say, enjoy!” You’ll find Donkey Kong, Zelda, PacMan and more old games in the playlist. If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that KingK is offering a discount for a premium cybersecurity service NordVPN. Read on to see what’s his deal.

How to get KingK NordVPN discount?

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You can download the software from Google Play by clicking here or follow this link to get it for your iOS from Apple Store.

What does NordVPN offer?

VPNs are strongly recommended for travels and public Wi-Fi safety. Networks like an airport, or Starbucks, or hotels tend to have weak security measurements and are frequently exploited by cybercriminals. Needless to say, losing all your money while travelling, or having your banking credentials leak while you’re sipping coffee would cause unnecessary financial losses, that can be prevented with a VPN protection.

NordVPN 2-year deal discount
NordVPN 2-year deal discount
NordVPN 2-year deal discount

Don’t know KingK chan?

I’d like to recommend a few more channels to follow for a gamer. AngryJoeShow is probably one of the most renowned video game reviewers, so check his channel here. Then there’s SayNoToRage YouTube chan that is dedicated to keeping games like League of Legends toxic-free and try to achieve a more friendly atmosphere in such competitive games.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get NordVPN on a discount!

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