KingK NordVPN discount: cybersecurity service for an affordable price

Are you into video games? And do you like old video games that remind you of all the careless joy from childhood? Then KingK is the YouTube channel just for you! As the channel description goes, “I make comprehensive retrospectives on video games. There isn’t a whole lot else to say, enjoy!” You’ll find Donkey Kong, Zelda, PacMan and more old games in the playlist. If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that KingK is offering a discount for a premium cybersecurity service NordVPN. Read on to see what’s his deal.

How to get KingK NordVPN discount?

Even though the channel is dedicated to retro-gaming, KingK is very up-to-date when he suggests using a VPN for privacy protection. VPNs have grown in popularity because more and more people are becoming aware of online dangers and want to protect themselves. With KingK exclusive coupon code you can buy NordVPN 68% OFF, and that will cost you only $3.71/month for a two-year plan.

What does NordVPN offer?

NordVPN is a leading Virtual Private Network service provider that has been around for nearly a decade and has a 14 million userbase. NordVPN users enjoy a safer and more open Internet because it provides additional encryption, secure servers, and the ability to bypass geographical restrictions — all very useful if you want to enhance your browsing experience. Furthermore, it will detect and protect against malware and phishing.

NordVPN 2-year deal discount
NordVPN 2-year deal discount
NordVPN 2-year deal discount

Don’t know KingK chan?

I like following KingK and retro games hold a dear place in my heart, since I started from Zelda and KingK series, making a jump to diablo one later on and sticking with RPGs ever since. However, maybe you’re not that much into old stuff, and that’s understandable — the video games have improved tremendously.

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