Philip DeFranco is a very well known YouTube personality who now has more than 6 million subscribers. Also known to his viewers as Philly D, DeFranco is successful in his endeavours and has a daily news show, in which he talks about the contemporary and pop culture that matters to him and in his words — should matter to everyone else. Philip De Franco doesn’t avoid topics like online freedom and net neutrality as well as cybersecurity. That’s why he recommends using NordVPN for online safety and privacy protection.

DeFranco show is always waited upon

DeFranco has several popular YouTube channels (a personal vlog, a daily…

Are you into video games? And do you like old video games that remind you of all the careless joy from childhood? Then KingK is the YouTube channel just for you! As the channel description goes, “I make comprehensive retrospectives on video games. There isn’t a whole lot else to say, enjoy!” You’ll find Donkey Kong, Zelda, PacMan and more old games in the playlist. If you have a keen eye, you will also notice that KingK is offering a discount for a premium cybersecurity service NordVPN. Read on to see what’s his deal.

How to get KingK NordVPN discount?

Even though the channel is dedicated…

The gaming industry has expanded significantly in the last couple of decades. And if you’re a gamer, then you might’ve heard of Minecraft, one of the most popular sandbox games out there. It was released in 2011 and since then gathered a staggering amount of players. One of those players, Samuel William Miščík, runs a popular YouTube channel StudioMoonTV. Right now he has 555k subscribers and growing. While browsing through the content, don’t miss Samuel recommendation to protect your online valuables. He even provides a big discount for a top-notch cybersecurity service NordVPN.

How to get StudioMoonTV NordVPN discount?

It’s straightforward, and you won’t have to…

TOP Zaujímavosti is an informative YouTube channel from Slovenia. They are focused on doing top 5 on everything, from iPhones to sleeping positions and more. You’ll also find interesting stories from people all over the world, so drop by for some entertaining content. The channel is a successful one, currently having 289K subscribers and over 53 million views. It’s also a serious channel with some quality tips, this time — and advice to use NordVPN for online privacy protection and cybersecurity.

How to get TOP Zaujímavosti NordVPN discount?

This channel is bringing some good news for those interested in online privacy protection. With TOP Zaujímavosti exclusive coupon…

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